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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Maturity Tool

EIT – Welcome to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology – AI Maturity Assessment

The overall goal of EIT is to increase Europe's competitiveness, its sustainable economic growth and job creation by promoting and strengthening cooperation among leading businesses, education and research organisations. In addition, EIT powers innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe by creating environments for creative and innovative thoughts to thrive. The following survey on AI Maturity, developed by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), will help you on your way to implement or further enhance your company performance with AI. You can anytime browse some AI use case applications.

How prepared is your organisation for the use of AI?

The utilisation of AI is having a major impact on the function of society and business. It is an essential technological driver, which can lead, in addition to better productivity, also to new ways of working, processes and business opportunities. The composition of work will change and there will be new professions. A central issue is how we can best exploit the opportunities brought by digitalisation and AI in creating added value and enhancing productivity. This applies to both the private and public sectors. There are also ethical questions to be pondered when the decision-making shifts partly from humans to machines.

But the first step is to understand the current performance and readiness level of applying AI in your organisation. After that, selecting potential improvement steps becomes possible.

VTT’s AI Maturity Tool can be used as a free-of-charge self-assessment web tool, which produces a result graph, a visualisation of AI maturity. It gives a baseline of your company’s current AI maturity in six dimensions, which than can be used to recognise the most important, required or urgent development targets. These targets vary depending on the nature of your business and size of your organisation, therefore feel free to contact us. We are open for questions and discussions, as how you can proceed after this assessment.

The six dimensions to be assessed in the AI Maturity Tool include Strategy and Management, Products and Services, Competence and Cooperation, Processes, Data and Technology.

Test the AI maturity of your organisation for free!

By taking the questionnaire, you will get:
- a first estimation of your organisation’s AI maturity level
- your organisation’s AI maturity level compared to other companies